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Kits & Accessories

For a fast and reliable installation, this kit integrates the different elements of the primary circuit: Circulator, Flow meter, Valves, Thermometers, Regulation valves, Security group ...

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The module can be fixed either on the Accumulator Tank (heat store) or on the wall.
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Ballons solaires Panneaux solaires


Kits hydrauliques

Our Cylinders
Thermic Solar Panels


schema regulation pompes a chaleur sdeec

SDEEC proposes you today 2 types of regulation for its heat pumps ... See our heat pump's regulation.

méthode de captage géothermique

A heat pump that uses the principle of the Geothermic taking the natural heat from the soil or water in the aquifer. See the different methods of capture.

radiateur, ventillo convecteur, plancher chauffant

What kind of heat emitter to choose for your home ...

Radiant floor heating, HVAC (Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning), Radiator High/Low temperature, Ventilation convector ... See the different types of heat emitters

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