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different types of heat emitters

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Underfloor Heating:

This invisible and pleasant solution for heating & refreshing, is particularly adapted to the new homes construction. It allows to warm or refresh your home according to the season. Placed in a layer which can receive various finishings (the stone floor is the best adapted cover), a pipeline network goes through the whole surface in which circulates heat or cool water provided by the by the Heat Pump according to your needs:

      • In winter, the heated water spreads in tubes through the underfloor heating which irradiates it towards the ambient, surrounding objects and walls to warm up the air that surrounds it.
      • In summer, the floor absorbs the heat of your home and gets a refreshment about 3 or 4°C regarding the outside temperature. This heat is rejected outside thanks to the Heat Pump.
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Fan Coils:

When the heat or cool water is produced by the Heat Pump (according to the season), it circulates in a network of isolated pipes which comes to feed the Fan Coil. The presence of a ventilator is to grant a better distribution of the heatness or the coolness in all the rooms. This type of transmitter allows to manage the comfort in each of the rooms. It also presents the advantage to filter the internal air of your home and to dehumidify in summer. There are devices for wall mount, ceiling mount, and "cassettes" embedded in false ceilings. These devices are mostly used in office buildings and hotels.
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Low Temperature Radiators:

Can be used according to the same principle as the previous solution, but only for heating needs! As for Fan Coils, the warm water produced by the Heat Pump circulates in a pipeline network which comea to feed the radiators. This system does not assure the refreshment of your home. For deploying the Heat Pump on your existing installation, it will be necessary to verify that the size of your radiators is compatible with the temperature of water that will be delivered by the Heat Pump.
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HVAC Systems - Spreading the air:

Whatever the season is and the outside temperature, the centralized system  assures your needs for heating and cooling your home. Connected with the Heat Pump, the unit is located inside your home placed in attic, garage, false ceiling or even on a closet. The air is spread to the rooms through a network of air ducting. The air of your home is warmed or cooled, according to the season, by crossing the internal unit, before being distributed towards the differents rooms. The round or rectangular outlet vent of warm or cool air is placed at a high level. The air is recovered towards a centralized unit, through the recovery grid and it will be filtered before returning to the internal unit to run a new cycle. To assure the room regulation we can manage the flow of air by means of a regulation device. The centralized air system has the advantage to filter the internal atmosphere and to dehumidify on summer.


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