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HYDRAULIC KITS - Classic Primary Circuit

It allows to connect the heat pump to your existing heating system and to transfer calories produced by the heat pump towards a zone of storage (cylinder). Foresee an accumulator at least of 20 liters by kW restored by your heat pump. You will avoid the short cycles and you will increase the inertia of your installation.
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HYDRAULIC KITS – Combi+ Primary Circuit

Besides the initial function of the standard PRIMARY Circuit, this one integrates a cylinder that combines 3 functions: Mixing accumulator, Domestic Hot Water production by bain-marie (water bath) and a Solar Exchanger. This kit will offer you the possibility of adding solar calories not only in the production of Domestic Hot Water but in more in your heating circuit. Foresee a PRIMARY kit COMBI + and evolve your installation along the time.
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Télécharger le schéma: Circuit-Primaire-COMBIPLUS.pdf

HYDRAULIC KITS – Zone Regulation

Manage the water temperature that will flow within your installation regarding your emitters. If you have an underfloor heating system in your ground floor and radiators in the first floor, this kit becomes essential. It is constituted by a regulation unit which will pilot a 3 ways valve to mix the water of the heating return with the warm water. You will have only to choose the temperature of the water which will circulate in your underfloor heating system and the regulation unit will pilot the 3 ways valve according to your need.
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This kit allows you to add to your existing heating system a heat pump to relieve the consumption of your gas or fuel boiler. Indeed, this kit manages the runtime of your boiler and your heat pump according to the outside temperature. Configure the temperature parameters in your Boiler Relay Module for managing your boiler automatically. Manage the consumption of your boiler thanks to the Boiler Relay kit.

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Select a diagram to download: Boiler Relay-A.pdf - Boiler Relay-B.pdf


HYDRAULIC KITS – Domestic Hot Water Circuit “Special Reversible”

You can produce your domestic hot water with your heat pump, even if your installation is reversible and producing cold water for your fan-coil. This kit is composed by a separate DHW Cylinder, a 3 ways motorized valve and the DHW Regulation Module. This Module will manage the heat pump producing hot water at certain time(s) you have. Once produced the Domestic Hot Water, it will order the 3 ways valve to return to its initial position allowing the heat pump producing hot or cold water to be stored in the Buffer Tank.
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Download the diagram: Reversible-DHW-Circuit.pdf

HYDRAULIC KITS – Swimming pool circuit

Warming your swimming pool at a lower cost is nowadays possible. This kit integrates a Swimming Pool Regulation Module where you will set the desired temperature. A TITANIUM exchanger allows fitting any type of water treatment: Chlorine, Salt, Bromine … Very easy to use, this kit will guarantee you the ideal temperature for your swimming pool.
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HYDRAULIC KITS – Household Water Appliances (HWA)

You can produce the water required by your Household Water Appliances like your washing machine, dish washing machine and at the same time you save energy by letting them work without heating the water that you are already supplying pre-heated by your heat pump.

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Download the diagram: HWA-COMBIPLUS-Primary-Circuit.pdf


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