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Choose the proper Cylinder that fits your needs

• Big inertial capacity
• Big stocking capacity
• Solar exchanger included
• Domestic Hot Water (DHW) by double boiler (bain-Marie)
• Isolated cover removable
• Specially designed for heat pumps
• Adaptable hydraulic modules
• Water accumulator for DHW with exchanger up to 6m2


Because the Cylinder is a key element within an installation, we have designed a range of models that allows to optimize the performance of your heat pump. Three different models are available from 200 liters up to 2000 liters to satisfy your needs. They have been designed to support a primary module that allows to connect your heat pump (PAC). Select the hydraulic module as well the Cylinder that best fits your needs. Save space and installation time by installing our unique “Combi” Cylinder.

  • Features
  • Fully made with stainless steel S 275 JR (DIN4753)
    Isolation: flexible foam 100mm
    Cover layer: Coloured Polypropylene
    Integrated exchanger: only for water accumulators “Combi+” and “ECS”
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Storage of primary energy, for heat pumps:
Absorption of the overcharge along inter-season by avoiding the phases of short cycle. It allows an optimal, clean and non-polluting functioning independently of the variations of the outside temperatures and the seasons.

Storage of primary energy, with the possibility of producing your own Domestic Hot Water (DHW). Furthermore it is equipped at the base of the primary circuit, by a heat exchanger serpentine for a large surface of exchange. The same heat exchanger allows the connecting of solar panels or any other independent source of energy.

It is equipped with a special heat exchanger for a large surface of exchange and perfectly adapted for high power heat pumps. The DWH accumulator can be also used for other applications such as the solar energy for example.


The flow in the primary circuit must be absolutely respected to let the heat pump restoring you all its power. To verify it, the primary kit integrates a flow meter with an instant reading, a valve of regulation, filling and draining.tableau des ballon de stokage sdeec Tampon, combi et ecs

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